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Recope TEAM


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Recope is a great place to make friends that are committed to improving their health too.  You'll become part of a community where members inspire each other to get moving, celebrate gain each others improvements,  share laughter and look forward to Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings!


Recope's Therapists and Kinesiologist have over 80 years of combined experience in rehabilitation, management of a wide variety of medical conditions and supporting living with medical challenges in the community. They provide individual assessment, direction and monitoring for everyone who attends Recope.


Caitlyn - Kinesiologist

Executive Director

Angela - Physical Therapist.jpg

Angela - Physical Therapist


Kamila - Occupational Therapist

Recope's certified fitness instructors have received specialized training on how to keep exercises safe and appropriate for individuals with medical challenges and guide you as you gradually increase your activity level.



Fitness Instructor

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Fitness Instructor

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Fitness Instructor

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Fitness Instructor

Staff and volunteers are available to lend assistance to get into the pool safely, develop balance and confidence in the water, determine the best flotation supports and learn to exercise in the most appropriate way for your individual conditions.

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Men's Room & Deck Supervisor


Recope volunteers help staff provide the personal support and encouragement that makes Recope the caring community it is.  Being part of something that improves people's health and quality of life is very gratifying and has kept numerous volunteers involved for many years.

Board of Directors

Recope has an elected volunteer Board of Directors who bring a wide variety of skills and experience to the program.  Board members are committed to Recope's mission and act as advocates for Staff and Recope members.  The board looks for opportunities to promote and develop the program as well as raise the necessary operational funds.

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